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Just a reminder that students are not permitted to order or have food/drink items delivered during the school day as outlined on page six of the Student Handbook. Interrupting classes for food delivery is disruptive to the educational day. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Extra Help will take place every day of the school week except Fridays. There will be no Extra Help or clubs on Fridays. Therefore, there will not be any 2:15 pm or 3:15 pm buses on Fridays. Students will not be allowed back into the building once they leave. Student-athletes know to follow coaches’ directions as to where and when to meet.

In an effort to ensure continued building safety and security after school hours, no student will be allowed to re-enter the high school building after 1:34 pm dismissal. Athletes and members of clubs should attend extra help and then report to the team or club location. Any student who does not attend extra help, should report directly to a location assigned by the coach or club advisor. Any student who leaves the building, will not be allowed back in for any reason. These students will be turned away. This applies for all sports practices or meetings until 3:15 pm after buses leave. Please note that students reporting for practices scheduled for later than 3:15 pm may leave and return.

Welcome to the William Floyd High School

Please CLICK HERE to access the CANVAS learning management system.
The William Floyd High School in active partnership with students, parents, educators and the community is committed to creating a challenging and rigorous academic environment where all students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to become responsible members of the community.

Through this process, the mission of the William Floyd High School is to foster the development of life-long learners that will become productive contributors of our highly technical and diverse society. 

We constantly strive to provide the most positive educational experience possible for the children in our district. With dedicated faculty, staff, administrators, concerned parents and the greatest kids on Long Island, the best is yet to come.

Attention All Students
  • After 7:30 am, all students will enter in the North Lobby through the Attendance Area door.
  • You must present your school ID to the receptionist.
  • You will then be directed into the Attendance Office.
  • The reason for your lateness will be documented and you will be provided with a pass to go to class.
  • Students, drivers only, are allowed to park in the South Lobby and Enter in the South Lobby. 

  • All other students must be dropped off and enter through the North Lobby. 

  • Seniors with Late Arrival must enter through the North Lobby except students with parking privileges.   

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William Floyd High School
240 Mastic Beach Road
Mastic Beach, NY 11951
Grades 9 - 12 (7:10 am - 1:34 pm)

High School Principal 
Philip Scotto (631) 874-1120

High School Assistant Principals 
Kerri Coudrey                (631) 874-1741
Robert Felicetta            (631) 874-1767
Lisa Pisano                     (631) 874-1769
Brian Kennedy              (631) 874-1226
Chesika McNeil             (631) 874-1791
Lisa Paschitti                  (631) 874-1869
David Quartarone        (631) 874-1148
TBD                                    (631) 874-1789

High School Office Numbers
Main Office             (631) 874-1120
Counseling             (631) 874-1130
Attendance             (631) 874-1118
Psychologist           (631) 874-1142
Nurse East               (631) 874-1139
Nurse West              (631) 874-1115

Social Workers
Emilie Larson (Transitional Housing)             874-1889
Kathleen Galfano (Grade 9) A-LEW                  874-1711 
Michelle Brucella (Grade 9) LEX-Z                   874-1709 
Tasharni Harris-Palache (Gr. 10-12) A-DIF    874-1688 
Jackie Searing (Gr. 10-12) DIG-LEO                 874-1952 
Rebecca Kristiansen (10-12) LEP-RAP            874-1218 
Darlene DeFeo (Gr. 10-12) RAQ-Z                     874-1640 

Dr. Melania Voutsinas   A - F                     (631) 874-1506
Jeanette De Rosa   G – M                           (631) 874-1977
Michael Hogan   N – Z                                 (631) 874-1244
Victoria De Rosa (Grade 9)  A-LES          (631) 874-1220
Robert MacDonald (Grade 9) LET-Z      (631) 874-1662

DASA Coordinators
Kerri Coudrey                                                 (631) 874-1741
Lisa Pisano                                                      (631) 874-1769
Tasharni Harris                                              (631) 874-1688
Rebecca Kristianson                                   (631) 874-1218
Darlene DeFeo                                               (631) 874-1640

Call/Text 988: A New Crisis Resource

High School News

photo of student and Navy recruiter holding big check

William Floyd High School senior Geneva Smith has been selected to receive a full four-year Naval Reserve Officers Training (NROTC) scholarship, providing her the opportunity to bring her leadership and service-based skills to Jacksonville University in the fall where she will be majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in naval science. After college graduation, Geneva will be commissioned into the U.S. Navy as an officer. She hopes to become a pilot in the future.

concert orchestra members and teacher hold inspirational banner

The William Floyd High School Concert Orchestra, under the direction of Donna Visone-O’Brien, participated in a service project this school year designed to bring cheer and encouragement to children with cancer who are receiving treatment at Tyler Robinson Foundation hospitals and centers.

thumbnail photo of Joshua Schultzer - class of 2024 valedictorian

Maggie Hua, the William Floyd High School Class of 2024 salutatorian, shares her thoughts and experiences about her time at William Floyd, as well as advice for younger students.

William Floyd High School Resources
High School Course Catalog Website
High School Course Catalog - 2023-24 (PDF)
High School Course Catalog - 2024-25 (PDF)
2023-24 Welcome Packet
2023-24 Student Handbook 
2023-24 Odd/Even School Calendar
2023-24 Bell Schedule
Release of Student Information (NCLB)
Bullying and Harassment Policies
High School Virtual Backpack
High School Morning Announcements
CTE Information Google site
William Floyd High School Re-Opening Plan
Transition Website
William Floyd HS 2024 Yearbook Ordering 
Activity Form
BMI Opt-Out Form
Emergency Card (English)
Emergency Card (Spanish)
Health Appraisal Form
Non-Participation Request Form
Medication Order Form
Request for Medication Order Form
Sports Physical Form
Canine Sweep/Locker Search Letter

ESSA Title Parent Meeting 
ESSA Parents Right to Know
ESSA-Title presentation
For questions about ESSA or Title please email
Mary Siano at msiano@wfsd.k12.ny.us
ESSA Fact Sheets
ESSA Accountability Fact Sheets

Federal Stimulus
Stimulus Funds

Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
Dignity for All Students Act - 2023-24 School Year
Dignity for All Students Policy
Code of Conduct
DASA Form (English/Spanish

DASA Coordinators
Kerri Coudrey                                                 (631) 874-1741
Lisa Pisano                                                      (631) 874-1769
Tasharni Harris                                              (631) 874-1688
Rebecca Kristianson                                   (631) 874-1218
Darlene DeFeo                                               (631) 874-1640

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