Photo of Tangier Smith Elementary School and sign

Tangier Smith Elementary School

Education is a continuum throughout our lives.  Our success in education is a collaborative effort consisting of members of our school, community, and students.
At Tangier Smith Elementary School, we nurture an environment that enables the students to develop the strengths in which they learn.  Education programs with diversified instruction provide each student the academic skills and knowledge required to reach their full potential.  Students are empowered to become independent learners which is a life-long journey.

Tangier Smith Elementary School Principals

Tangier Smith Elementary
336 Blanco Drive
Mastic Beach NY, 11951
Grades K-5 (9:15am - 3:33pm)

Tangier Elementary Principal 
Toni Komorowski (631) 874-1370

Tangier Elementary Assistant Principal 
Jacqueline Cabrera (631) 874-1369

Tangier Elementary Office Numbers
Main Office - (631) 874-1342
Attendance - (631) 874-1362
School Nurse - (631) 874-1345
Psychologist - (631) 874-1344
Tangier Library - (631) 874-1353

Toni Rose Massi (631) 874-1454

Social Worker
Jodi Lieberman (631) 874-1705

DASA Coordinators
Dawn Tirelli (631) 874-1344
Jodi Lieberman (631) 874-1359
Jacqueline Cabrera (631) 874-1369

Tangier News

Tangier smith students performing at a concert

The famous red, white and blue was on display across district schools as students participated in various in-school Veterans Day activities to honor those who served! Click below for a recap of some of the Veterans Day events and projects from across the district!

students pose for a photo in the library dressed in costumes

Elementary school students from across the William Floyd School District recently celebrated the last day of October/first day of November with some special Halloween and harvest-themed educational activities!

a green banner that reads "flu season"

As in the rest of the state, we have seen an increase in viral illnesses. We would like to share with you some practices that may help to decrease the incidence and severity of these outbreaks.

Tangier Students holding cards

The William Floyd School District recently held its 10th annual “Unity Week,” a district-wide celebration designed to promote peace, unity, diversity, tolerance, understanding and acceptance of differences throughout our schools and in students’ daily lives.