concert and art show graphic with dates and times

Mark your calendars for the winter concerts and art shows! Hear and see William Floyd's student-musicians and student-artists showcase their talent! Please note that all winter concerts and art shows will be held at William Floyd High School.

Important information regarding parking for the concerts:
Parents/guardians planning to attend their child’s winter concert at William Floyd High School are asked to park in the south parking lot near the tennis courts and enter through the south entrance of the high school. The appropriate entrance will be marked by a sign. Upon entry, parents/guardians will be directed toward the auditorium and students will be directed to their warm-up rooms. The auditorium will open at 6:30 pm. At the conclusion of the concert, parents will go back to the south lobby where they entered, and proceed to the appropriate cafeteria to pick up their children. Identification will be required. Thank you again for your cooperation in helping the concerts be a safe and wonderful experience for everyone.

✔ December 5 at 7 pm: William Floyd Middle School (Part I) ✔
✔ December 7 at 7 pm: Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School ✔
December 8 at 7 pm: William Floyd Elementary School
December 9 at 7 pm: Moriches Elementary School
December 12 at 7 pm: William Paca Middle School (Part I)
December 13 at 7 pm: Tangier Smith Elementary School
December 14 at 7 pm: William Floyd High School (Part I)
December 15 at 7 pm: William Floyd Middle School (Part Il)
December 19 at 7 pm: John S. Hobart Elementary School
December 21 at 7 pm: William Paca Middle School (Part lI)
December 22 at 7 pm: William Floyd High School (Part Il)  


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