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23-24 Paca Title I Compact 

William Paca Middle School and its parents have agreed to work cooperatively to provide a successful academic program for our children through the following ventures:

William Paca Middle School agrees to:                

  • Parents will be provided with an orientation as an informational vehicle regarding school/district policies and procedures
  • Parents will be encouraged to attend Parent Teacher conferences twice a year achievement about academic and social and to provide time for teacher/parent conversation.
  • Parents will have opportunities for team meetings to discuss academic achievement.
  • Quarterly progress reports and report cards will be provided to parents.
  • Students will be provided with enriching cultural activities throughout the year.
  • Parents/Guardians and students will be provided with a school handbook which contains imperative information.
  • Parents will be encouraged to attend workshops and PTO meetings to receive additional information
  • Provide all ELL parents with a translator, when requested, for teacher conferences/meetings regarding child's academic achievements.
  • Parents have the opportunity to have access to Teacher websites which inform them of their child's daily, weekly, and long-range assignments. In addition, parents are informed of local and state assessments through accessing teacher websites.
  • Parents will be encouraged to be part of a committee to plan Title I programs most specifically with regard to the AIS after school program and Title I parent workshop.

The parent/guardian agrees to:

  • Attend the parent orientation program to obtain valuable school information and be granted the opportunity of home-school communication.
  • Attend Parent/Teacher conferences to acknowledge support of classroom inform parents curriculum and to review child's academic progress with classroom teachers.
  • Review progress reports and report cards with their children and contact teachers with any concerns.
  • Support P.T.O. sponsored cultural arts programs, school clubs, sports activities and musical organizations through volunteerism and support of fund raisers.
  • Hold the child responsible for all academic requirements, school attendance and appropriate behavior to promote learning and mastery.


  • We agree to share the responsibility to improve our academic achievement, and achieve the state's highest standards. Specifically, we will:
  • Do our homework every night and ask for help when I need it
  • Read every day outside of school for at least 30 minutes
  • Take advantage of academic supports, whether during of after school, to improve my academics.
  • Make sure that my parent/guardian receives all important notices and information.