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A screenshot showing a preview of the website on a monitor, tablet and phone

On November 19, the William Floyd School District launched a brand new website - one that retains the vast amounts of information available on the current site, but with a cleaner more attractive design, as well as enhanced search and navigation features among other upgrades. The domain name will remain the same at

“After a year-and-a-half of behind-the-scenes research and preparation, I am excited to announce the launch of the brand new William Floyd School District website with improved features across the board,” said Kevin M. Coster, Superintendent of Schools, William Floyd School District. “Two-way communication is essential to a successful school district and we want to ensure that we are giving our families the best interactive web experience possible when visiting our site.”

The previous website won multiple design and content awards over the past several years, and this new website, while maintaining much of the same concepts that made the current website successful, was adapted to the latest technology to deliver an even more impressive and user-friendly product for end users.

Constructed using a responsive design, the new website is accessible and optimized for screens of any size including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors, as well as multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The new site, like the previous one, is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring it is accessible to people with vision, hearing and physical disabilities.

Other exciting new features include multimedia integration into the home page with the opportunity to interchange between video, images or featured news, a new interactive online calendar easily searchable for specific schools or events, a dynamic news filter search by school, a “page pop” feature allowing the district to push out alerts to all or select pages instantly and much more.

Additionally, a William Floyd School District app is also on the way! It will be available on iOS (Apple devices) and the Google Play Store (Android devices) in the very near future

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