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The William Floyd School District is an active partnership of students, parents, educators, staff and community. We are committed to teach, encourage, and challenge all students to fulfill their intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, and physical potential, and to apply their knowledge and skills to become contributing, responsible citizens of a rapidly changing, diverse, global society. Our mission will be achieved in a learner-centered, nurturing and safe environment, designed to empower students with the ability and desire to thrive as life-long learners. Adopted December 16th, 1996.

Listed below are several ways that we will continue to develop the home school connection and maximize student achievement:

  • Attempts will be made to offer parents a flexible and accommodating schedule to meet with school personnel to be informed of Title I services and student progress. These meetings will be offered at various times of day and evening.
  • A parent invitation will be forwarded to respective Title I parents inviting them to participate in a variety of Title I programs. These programs will be chaired by building administration and instructional staff and focus on enhancing student achievement.
  • ·The school accepts the responsibility to do the best to educate all students; most specifically Title I students with a Standards based curriculum that is meaningful and engaging in content to support instructional objectives to promote achievement on both local and State assessments.
  • Parents will be provided with information regarding Common Core Standards. Specifically, the shift in ELA and Math will be addressed.
  • Parents will be invited to attend meetings with their child’s teacher as well as the Instruction Support Team, when needed, regarding their child’s academic progress. Parents will also be invited to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences and Meet the Teacher Night to encourage collaboration on student performance and progress.
  • The school will work in tandem to support, publicize, and encourage participation as well as building program alignment with district Title I initiatives and outreach.
  • Parents of incoming fifth grade students will be invited to attend a Parent Orientation meeting where they will be provided with an overview of the Middle School curriculum and education programs.
  • Parents will be provided with the opportunity to attend parent workshops where they will be trained to bridge the relationship between school and home.
  • Parents will be informed of Title I programs, meetings, and various activities through information provided on the district-wide web page, informative mailings, and connect ed methodologies.
  • Parents will be offered the opportunity to voice complaints directly to the building Principal followed by a meeting with a designee of the Superintendent of Schools or the Federal Grants Administrator.
  • William Floyd Personnel, along with the PTO, will coordinate and integrate activities with community organizations such as the Community Library and other community resources to promote and foster stronger relationships and encourage parental involvement.
  • William Floyd Middle School will provide a resource center with materials to help support parents with the emotional, social, and intellectual development of their child.
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