collage of William Floyd Middle School upstanders

This fall, William Floyd Middle School has been participating in several events to raise awareness and help put an end to bullying! Starting in September and throughout the NFL’s regular season, William Floyd Middle School has been working with the New York Jets to “tackle” bullying. This program, sponsored by the Jets and Bethpage Credit Union in collaboration with STOMP Out Bullying, recognizes a student each week who is an “upstander,” someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right.

Each week during the NFL season, William Floyd Middle School has been recognizing students who exemplify the characteristics of being a New York Jets Upstander. Four of those students will be invited to attend a Jets regular season home game.

The upstanders who attended the first New York Jets game on October 31 were seventh grader Matthew Danielsen and sixth grader Kraig Benson. Additionally, several other students have been honored as “Upstanders of the Week” for their stand-up behavior! They are Anjel Suarez, Kevin Aragon, Rylie Wiegand and Evan Shoefer.

William Floyd Middle School is so proud of the students who signed the pledge to help stop bullying at their school. By signing the pledge, they agreed to: speak out against bullying; report bullying when they see it happening; learn what is bullying and what is not; make others feel included and valued; solve problems in peaceful ways; think twice before they comment on social media posts or forward messages that may be hurtful. Great job, William Floyd Middle School!

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