William Floyd High School Advanced Placement chemistry teacher Kristen Drury.

Kristen Drury, an Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry teacher at William Floyd High School, was recently selected as the secondary school (grades nine through 12) recipient of the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) Early Achievement Award or the POGIL PEACH for advancing POGIL and demonstrating an exceptional level of enthusiasm for student-centered learning. She was chosen, along with Christopher Mayfield, PhD, an associate professor of computer science at James Madison University, for distinguishing herself among her secondary colleagues around the nation and for advancing inquiry-based learning. The POGIL Project honored her at its national meeting held in St. Louis in June. For her efforts, she received a plaque and a cash prize.

At William Floyd High School, Ms. Drury uses a flipped classroom to provide more time in class for inquiry-based learning. The POGIL method has been an integral part of her teaching style and her passion for guided inquiry learning and the POGIL philosophy led her to become more actively involved with The POGIL Project; she has participated in facilitator trainings, trained colleagues at William Floyd, at various New York colleges and universities, at national chemistry conferences, and POGIL summer meetings, as well as coordinated a network of POGIL mentors to help new and aspiring teachers implement POGIL in their classrooms. According to the POGIL Project, her “commitment and enthusiasm for chemical education can be described as motivating and contagious.”

“I am excited to honor these two outstanding educators as recipients of the POGIL Early Achievement Award,” said Rick Moog, executive director, POGIL Project. “Both Kristen and Chris have had a strong impact on the POGIL community and have contributed greatly to the growth and success of The Project.”

Ms. Drury is an accomplished chemistry teacher and leader in her field. She is a New York State Master Teacher Emeritus (2014), the 2018 American Association of Chemistry Teachers “High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year” and a past recipient of the Empire State Excellence in Teaching award. For the past several years, the College Board has tapped Ms. Drury for her expertise as an AP chemistry reader. She has also been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Chemistry Solutions.

The POGIL Project is a non-profit organization of secondary school and college level educators who strive to improve teaching and learning by fostering an inclusive, transformative community of reflective educators who design, implement, assess and study learner-centered environments.

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