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The William Floyd Alumni Association is hosting the 12th “Outstanding Educators” Award Dinner on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at the Rock Hill Country Club in Manorville.

This year’s honorees include Joseph Cordaro, Tony Mecca, Judy Flynn, Maryellen Fonti and Victor Longaro! Please click their names below for their biographies.

Joseph Cordaro
Tony Mecca
Judy Flynn
Maryellen Fonti
Victor Longaro

Congratulations to these outstanding educators past and present!

Please follow this link for more information about the event and to purchase tickets! Please click here if interested in a journal ad.

"These honorees changed our lives, molded us and taught us the principles of life. They were dedicated to our well-being. Although not known to us at that time, these honorees have touched our lives and guided us through the toughest times in our lives. Now it is time to give them the recognition they so richly deserve." - William Floyd Alumni Association 

collage of honorees

The William Floyd Alumni Association's 2023 Outstanding Educator recipients from left to right: Victor Longaro, Maryellen Fonti, Joseph Cordaro, Judy Flynn and Tony Mecca.

  • Athletics
  • Elementary
  • Fine Arts
  • Floyd Academy
  • Hobart Elementary
  • Main
  • Moriches Elementary
  • Paca Middle School
  • STEM
  • Secondary
  • Tangier Elementary
  • WF Elementary
  • WF High School
  • WF Learning Center
  • WF Middle School
  • Woodhull Elem