art teacher and student at art portfolio day

WFHS art teacher Erika Licausi with a student at Portfolio Day.

The William Floyd Art Department recently hosted an in-district “Portfolio Adjudication” with more than 65 students from grades two through 12 participating in this exciting event. Students had the opportunity to present several pieces of their artwork for evaluation by the district’s art teachers who served as the judges. Students were tasked with articulating their artistic process and presenting their work in a professional portfolio. More than 50 students received the highest rating of “Distinguished with Mastery” for their efforts.

“We need to continue to give our students as many opportunities to present their artwork both visually and verbally, because this is how they will grow as artists and individuals,” said Theresa Bianco, chairperson of fine arts and a William Floyd High School art teacher. “Preparing a portfolio and having the bravery to share and get assessed on that artwork should be commended, and we are very proud of all these hardworking talented students and teachers.”

During the portfolio adjudication, students were evaluated on their artist statement, observational skills, technical use of material and medium, artwork that demonstrated problem-solving skills and their work based on artistic study. They also had the opportunity to present student-choice pieces.

This year, for the first time, several students participated from the William Floyd Learning Center guided by art teacher Mary Ann Harding. 

“Our scholars were so excited to share their art and design choices with professionals,” said Camelle Person, assistant principal, William Floyd Learning Center. “They were able to talk about their work with an unfamiliar professional, building up their self-esteem and working on the soft skills that are not explicitly taught in the classroom. Many of our other scholars cannot wait to participate next year!”

William Floyd High School art teacher Erika Licausi added, “This experience allows students the visual assessment of their growth as an artist and gives them the motivation to continue by getting professional feedback on their work.” 

Art teachers also participating in this event included Erin Almeida, Tina Higgins, Tori Golino, Dale Luongo (retired), Marco Antenucci, Jillian Santoro and Amanda Maertz.

More photos are available in the album below!

WFSD Art Portfolio Day


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