elementary students having fun with gooey oobleck

Ms. Schweers' class at Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School has fun with oobleck!

The William Floyd High School Science Honor Society (SHS) has been busy sharing their love and knowledge of science with elementary school students throughout the district through a series of fun and educational experiments held via Zoom. The group recently hosted the virtual labs led by advisor and high school science teacher Anya Swiss and SHS members, who had fun interacting with 25 kindergarten- through fifth-grade classes from across the district.

high school science students creating oobleck with elementary students via zoom

Science Honor Society students demonstrate the oobleck experiment to elementary students via Zoom.

Two of the events held in March had SHS students leading the oobleck experiment, the creation of a fun and gooey substance made from corn starch and water that exhibits both liquid and solid tendencies.

“Our third-graders absolutely loved learning from our high school role models and being able to apply new information through a hands-on experience,” said Kayla Schweers, third grade teacher, Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School.

Then in April, SHS students taught about liquid density and created a density column using honey, corn syrup, water, oil and dish soap, and then read the book “Who Sank the Boat?” by Pamela Allen.

According to Ms. Swiss, the SHS students did an excellent job of engaging students throughout the lessons.  “These events help to promote the Science Honor Society’s dedication to service and promoting science across the community,” added Ms. Swiss.

This is the second consecutive year the William Floyd High School Science Honor Society has connected with elementary students via zoom.

Science Honor Society student participants included: Ariella Morano (president), AvaGayle Comstock, Arianna Zeldin, Mia Oliveras, Haley Drury, Juliana Bugnacki, Merry Vo, Kailani Valladares, Bryan Ortiz, Angela Cheng and Cavelle Simpson.

K-5 students participating were from the following classes: Anamaria Perrette, Jacqueline Engasser, Leah Olivo, Susan Folks, Kimberly Scala, Madison Gunderson, Desmond Megna, Heidi Acker, Jessica Pantke, Emily Barnes, Dakaar Brown, Christyann Rafuse, Mary Warren, Kate Pon, Thomas Short, Melissa Unger, Melissa Dunbar, Kayla Schweers, Chanda Zadrazil, Judy McCoy, Caroline Ceglio, Kimberly McGovern, Nicolle Ranieri, Nicole Peterson and Michele Montalbano.

More photos are available in the album below!

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