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Jeananne Dawson

To honor and memorialize the dedicated service and love that longtime Board of Education member and former vice president Jeananne Dawson had for her schools and community, the Board of Education voted unanimously in October to rename the William Floyd High School library as the Jeananne Dawson Memorial Library. A dedication ceremony has been scheduled for Thursday, January 23 at 6 pm in the high school library. All are welcome.

“This room that we are sitting in, after tonight, will be known as the Jeananne Dawson Memorial Library,” said Mr. Vecchio at the October meeting, to tears and applause from many of those in attendance. “We, as a Board, thought it was a fitting tribute to name the high school library in her honor since this is where the Board meets twice per month and, more importantly, a place where kids come to learn and read.”

Mr. Vecchio also addressed members of Mrs. Dawson’s family who were in attendance. He said, “Thank you for your shared sacrifice of your mother, grandmother and mother-in-law; it was an absolute pleasure to have her serve our community and kids. Remember that she was always ‘Floyd Strong’ and we will continue to be ‘Floyd Strong’ because of the legacy that she left behind. It was important to her that her grandchildren knew the importance of what she did here on many nights when she wasn’t home with them.”

Mr. Vecchio concluded the presentation by reading a proclamation detailing her legacy of service and dedication to the district’s schools and community and presenting a copy of it to her daughter, Michelle, who accepted it on behalf of the Dawson family.

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See the video from the October meeting below. 

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