tangier smith student council with "treats for troops"

Tangier Smith Elementary School student council members with all of the candy they donated for troops through "Operation Gratitude."

Elementary schools across the district have donated some of their Halloween candy to various organizations to benefit troops serving our nation’s military or to local veterans.

Tangier Smith Elementary School and the student council participated in “Operation Gratitude,” an organizations that sends care packages to deployed troops, local military units, veterans and first responders. This year, the student council helped to fill 10 boxes of candy to show their appreciation to our nation’s military servicemen and servicewomen.

Moriches Elementary School students with 318 pounds of candy

Moriches Elementary School students and staff with 318 pounds of candy that they collected and donated to Bach & Grazina Orthodontics for troops overseas. 

William Floyd Elementary School candy donations

William Floyd Elementary School collected and donated 230 pounds of candy.

Moriches Elementary School students donated and collected 318 pounds of candy to Bach & Grazina East End Orthodontics in their candy buy-back fundraiser. The organization picks up donated candy and donates $1 for each pound of candy up to $250 and then donates the candy to troops overseas.

William Floyd Elementary School also participated in the Bach & Grazina candy buy-back fundraiser and donated 230 pounds of candy for troops overseas, resulting in treats for troops and the school PTO receiving $230 student events.

Additionally, John S. Hobart Elementary School first-grade students in Jessica Wallace’s and Jessica Miller’s class wrote letters to local veterans through the Girl Scouts and included candy with each special note of gratitude.

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