Moriches Elementary School teachers Ginine Duda and Taylor Labate with children at a recent Teachers’ Story Corner at the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library.

The William Floyd School District’s ninth annual Teachers’ Story Corner Summer Reading Program is in full swing at the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library. This beloved summer program features some of the district’s elementary school teachers reading their favorite age-appropriate books to preschool and school-aged children. The program will run Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm through August 18.

photo of teacher reading to children at library

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School teacher Elizabeth Caffrey (left) and Moriches Elementary School teacher Emily Barnes (right) at a recent Teachers’ Story Corner event at the community library.

The Teachers’ Story Corner program is designed to provide literacy experiences for children entering school in September and for those who are already in school, while also maintaining contact with students and their families over the summer. The program also provides valuable information to parents on how to properly navigate the local library, including the location of books and how to pick out developmentally-appropriate books and materials.

“The Teachers’ Story Corner has offered teachers and librarians better opportunities to communicate and support students and families entering their first formal school experience and those who have already started attending school,” said Wendy Gross, program founder and kindergarten teacher at William Floyd Learning Center, who also serves as a trustee on the library board. “It also provides students and families with increased opportunities to socialize with one another in a safe, organized and friendly atmosphere.”

The Teachers’ Story Corner offers two sessions on Wednesday evenings – 6 pm to 6:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 7 pm. Teachers and librarians will be available to talk about book selection, summer enrichment, library program registration and answer any school-related questions.

“We look forward to seeing the smiling faces of those students running up to their teachers as they see each other once again as well as to help change the expressions and ease the emotions of shy or nervous students who may be anxious about attending school for the first time,” Mrs. Gross added.

Below is the remaining schedule of readers!

July 7: Emily Barnes (Moriches Elementary School); Elizabeth Caffrey (Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School); Taylor Labate (Moriches Elementary School); and Ginine Dude (Moriches Elementary School)

July 14: Allison Conklin (Moriches Elementary School), Leah Olivo (Moriches Elementary School), John Melandro (Tangier Smith Elementary School); and Eileen Kazanecki (William Floyd Elementary School)

July 21:  Jenna Mancini (William Floyd Elementary School); Danielle Haber (William Floyd Elementary School); and Sarah Franco (Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School)

July 28:  Caroline Ceglio (William Floyd Elementary School); Nadine Lotierzo (William Floyd Elementary School/retired); Jillian Kelleher (Moriches Elementary School); and Lisa Pedota (William Floyd Elementary School)

August 4: Karen Trpic (Tangier Smith Elementary School); Kim Walsh (William Floyd Elementary School); Robert McCue-Masone (Moriches Elementary School); and Melissa Dunbar (Moriches Elementary School)

August 11: Sarah Lawrence (John S. Hobart Elementary School); Ellen Nigro (Tangier Smith Elementary School); and Susan Folks (William Floyd Elementary School)

August 18 Carly Wickers (Moriches Elementary School);  Wendy Gross (William Floyd Learning Center); and Mike Devenney (William Floyd High School/William Floyd United Teachers).

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