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Staff and students at the Renaissance Faire

William Floyd High School recently hosted its third annual Renaissance Faire, an engaging and entertaining interdisciplinary celebration of community, discovery and learning. The Faire also served as a charity event for the Mastic-Shirley Emergency Food Pantry, as the price for entry was one non-perishable food item. In total, the event garnered 752 non-perishable food items for those in need in our community!

Throughout the evening, high school teacher volunteers from all disciplines led students in both intellectual pursuits and amusing antics by providing unique and creative opportunities to revel in the classical ideals – as well as the hijinks – associated with the historical era. Notably, “The King’s Men,” our resident WFHS teaching/acting troupe was a hilarious crowd pleaser, as members dressed as famous Renaissance figures competed for the title of “the most influential person of the Renaissance.”

Students also volunteered in various aspects, such as facilitating booths with their teachers, reciting poetry in costume, and acting in a Robin Hood skit. Carpentry students even constructed and assembled a castle-style facade to give the gymnasium entrance the appropriate classical atmosphere.

Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy performances by student musical groups, participate in games of human chess and watch simulated armed combat by the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Community Library also shared in the fun by facilitating a pin-making station. Students also had numerous activities to choose from, including tapestry weaving, quill calligraphy, hair braiding, poetry writing, games, photo booths and simulated bloodletting – just to name a few.

“Students, teachers and community members who participated in the William Floyd High School Renaissance Faire exemplified the human capacity for collaborating, building knowledge and having fun,” said Viveca Nargi, English Department Chairperson, who served as the main organizer of the event.

Please enjoy an album of photos below! 


WFHS Third Annual Renaissance Faire 2019

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