A photo of WFMS and Moriches principals, staff and students

William Floyd Middle School students in Donna Scalfani’s and Barbara Dallon’s seventh-grade classes recently visited Moriches Elementary School to present interactive lessons on the age of exploration. The lessons, crafted by the students themselves, were designed to help prepare fifth graders for what to expect when they transition to their new school next year. The visit was also an opportunity for the seventh grade students to visit their former teachers and demonstrate some of what they have learned during their middle school tenure.

“This is such a great opportunity for our middle school students,” said Matt Sanders, William Floyd Middle School principal. “They are able to apply what they are learning in their social studies classes while serving as role models for the Moriches Elementary School students.”

Deirdre Redding, principal, Moriches Elementary School, agreed. “This is a great chance for our fifth graders to collaborate with one another under the lead of the middle school students while they learned about the age of exploration,” she said. “This is also a nice step as our fifth graders transition to sixth grade. They have met some older students and are starting to make connections to that next transition.  We are so excited about this continued partnership and collaboration.”

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William Floyd Middle School - Moriches Elementary School Collaboration

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