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With the COVID-19 regional and district infection rates remaining low, the district has re-evaluated and is planning adjustments to best meet the needs of our students and their families. Stage II of the district’s re-opening plan will begin on Monday, November 9, with multiple changes including more in-person days for students at various grade levels. The district is purchasing plastic desk dividers (shields) and will continue deep cleaning and disinfecting after each school day. This will be a phased-in approach with not all students returning at the same time, specifically at the high school. The all-virtual option will continue to be offered. Wednesdays will continue to be an all-virtual learning day for all students during Stage II (with the exception of *self-contained students who will continue to attend in-person five days per week). The changes are outlined below.

(*Please note that an earlier version stated "special education and self-contained students" when it should have stated, "special education self-contained students" or "self-contained students." There was an additional "and" inadvertently inserted. We apologize for the error).

In-Person Hybrid to Begin Expansion to Four Days
Stage 2 (beginning November 9): Students in K-8 (kindergarten through eighth grade) and all seniors, will have the opportunity to attend in-person school four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) beginning on Monday, November 9. This includes seniors enrolled in the Career and Technical Education program. Four days of in-person learning for grades nine through 11 will be phased in subsequently (details to be announced in the near future).

Q: Will the all-virtual option still be offered?
A: Yes. The all-virtual option will continue to be available for students and/or families with medical issues and those who do not feel comfortable attending in-person school at this time. We are also making some small adjustments to improve the all-virtual experience for students and their families. 

Q: Why only K-8 and 12th grade right now?
A: In the interest of health and safety, the district is using the phased-in approach to adding more students to in-person learning. Elementary school and middle school buildings have considerably less students than the high school, so that is why we are beginning with K-8 and high school seniors. Four days of in-person learning for grades nine through 11 will be phased in subsequently (details to be announced in the near future).

Q: Why four days and not five days? Why is Wednesday still an all-virtual learning day?
A: Coming off of a full shutdown caused by the pandemic, four days is the next step toward a full re-opening of five days per week. Additionally, Wednesdays are still needed for educators to record lessons for students participating in the all-virtual option.

Q: How will the district be able to have more students back in school four days and continue to social distance?
A: The current breakdown of virtual versus in-person students allows for expanded in-person learning while still maintaining social distancing, whenever possible. However, it is important to note in order to bring back more students under this scenario, we may not be able to maintain six feet of social distance in all cases. However, desks will be spaced as far apart as possible and will be outfitted with plastic dividers (shields), and students/staff will continue to be required to wear masks.

Q: Why didn’t the district go to four days in September?
A: For Stage I of re-opening off of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, the district moved slowly in the interest of health and safety, strictly adhering to the governor’s social distancing requirements. As more people migrated to the all-virtual option, it provided some leeway to move toward the logical next step of four days of in-person learning with the eventual goal of a full return.

Q: Can I switch from virtual to in-person or in-person to virtual?
A: Yes. Students and their families will be able to switch once but are asked to agree to stay with their selection for the remainder of Stage II (ending late January 2021). Please contact your school’s main office or school counselor by October 23* see below, if you are looking to make a change. *The deadline to notify your child's main office or school counselor on whether you are switching from hybrid to virtual or virtual to hybrid has been extended until Friday, October 30!

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