Students in Ms. Caffrey's and Ms. Stevens' classes are pictured with their Department of Sanitation t-shirts donated by NYC.

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School kindergarten- and first-grade students in Ms. Caffrey’s and Ms. Stevens’ classes recently celebrated Earth Day by thanking local and regional sanitation workers for their efforts in keeping communities clean. After completing a thematic unit on the subject, both classes wrote letters and drew pictures of gratitude for the sanitation workers serving both Brookhaven Town and New York City.

The letter stated, in part, “Sanitation workers help keep our streets clean. Not only do they take away our garbage, but they also clean the streets! We learned that even the weather does not stop sanitation workers from collecting the garbage. They must have big muscles because they lift very heavy bags. We did not know how dangerous it could be being a sanitation worker. You have to be careful of the cars and germs!”

Both the NYC Department of Sanitation and Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico shared special messages of thanks on their social media platforms. Additionally, the New York City Department of Sanitation shared the pictures and letter in each one of their garages via their interactive whiteboards so their more than 55,000 employees had an opportunity to see it. 

“The New York City Department of Sanitation was so grateful for these cards, they sent us t-shirts that both classes wore on Earth Day!” said Ms. Caffrey. 

The letter concluded, “Sanitation workers are very important community helpers. Your jobs are essential and we are very grateful to have you working hard. We will continue to pick up trash, recycle different material and always smile when we see you. We love seeing the garbage trucks and we love when you beep the horn. Thank you for helping keep our community clean. Happy Earth Day!”

Ms. Caffrey added, “We were thrilled to learn how touched they were by our simple thank you.” 

See the NYS Department of Sanitation Tweet below!

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