photo of students with constructed houses from paper and straw

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School second-grade students in Ms. Ashley Kilanowski’s class, with help from parents and staff members, recently engaged in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity that practices real-world engineering and architecture processes. Students worked in groups and followed the six-step engineering design process – ask, imagine, plan, create, experiment and improve – to design their dream school!

The young engineers drew their floor plans on paper and used straws and tape to construct their school’s frames. Each member of a group designed a floor tile with marker, putting their own spin on what a dream school looks like to them. Then, using the architecture skills they learned in class, students combined each level to create multi-tiered schools!   

See more photos in the album below!

Nathaniel Woodhull - Ms. Kilanowski's 2nd Grade Dream School Project



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