photo of Caine's Arcade group with students and staff

Second-grade students at Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School recently put their creative skills to the test by designing cardboard arcade games! Inspired by “Caine’s Arcade,” a story about a nine-year-old who built an arcade out of cardboard in his father’s auto shop, students took their favorite forms of entertainment and turned them into retro video games similar to those found in an arcade!

Classes from other grade levels viewed and voted on the best designs and the two projects from each second-grade class that receive the most votes will be showcased at the districtwide STEAM Symposium on Thursday, March 16, as well as the “Gr8 Skates for a Woodhull Night of Fun!”

“Together with their teachers, our students have been continuing to learn about a growth mindset and ways in which they can apply strategies learned to experiences both inside and out of the classroom,” said Dr. Heather Murillo, principal, Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School.

Please enjoy a photo album of the students with their cardboard arcade games below!

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary - Caine's Arcade


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