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Since education was forced to temporarily transition to an online/distance learning model for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, below is a list of questions and answers regarding fourth-quarter grading that we hope families will find helpful regarding end-of-year grading.

How will be child(ren) be graded at the elementary school level K-5?
All specific grades on the report card for the third trimester will appear as DL for “distance learning.” Your child’s classroom teacher will provide comments to summarize student progress for the year. The teacher comments will address: reading, writing, mathematics, level of participation in distance learning and other notations (as applicable). Administrators are giving clear direction and oversight to ensure students are fairly assessed and not negatively impacted.

How will children be graded at the middle school level?
Middle schools will calculate student grades for the fourth quarter using all the work completed since the beginning of the third quarter, including online participation, assignments completed, and packets turned in (students are being/will be instructed to drop off packets during locker clean-out). Administrators are giving clear direction and oversight to ensure students are fairly assessed and not impacted negatively.

How will the high school be grading fourth quarter?
The high school is calculating fourth quarter grades with teachers focusing on student participation online as the main criteria. This practice has not changed from third quarter at the high school. There will be careful administrative oversight.

How will the cancellation of Regents exams impact student grades?
The cancellation of Regents will have zero impact on grades as they are not factored in to the grade calculation for any Regents courses. They are a stand-alone score and do not impact quarterly or final grades.

Are any schools doing a Pass/Fail system?
No. The district is not doing Pass/Fail in any school or at any level.

When will grades be posted?
Grades will be available on the Parent Portal by 5 pm on June 26 for grades K-12.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented and challenging times. It is the district’s intention that all students will be graded fairly during this temporary transition to distance/online learning. We are confident that the changes to the grading formats will provide a clear picture of students’ culminating progress for the end of this school year.


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