photo of students holding cards they made

First-grade students in Jessica Miller and Jessica Wallace’s class at John S. Hobart Elementary School recently embarked on a mission to spread kindness, positivity and cheer to medically frail children through Angela’s House, a non-profit organization created to offer families and professionals an agency to assist medically frail children and their families. Students made special cards with pictures and special messages encouraging the children to smile, telling them that they are stars and to let their lights shine! These cards will be provided to the families involved with Angela’s House to help brighten their day and put a smile on their faces.

Angela’s House, created in 1992 by the Policastro family in honor of their daughter, Angela, who suffered severe brain damage during birth leaving her medically frail, has helped to simplify home care options for families by coordinating the extensive array of services needed to support medically frail children at home.

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