WFE student participate in Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run participants from William Floyd Elementary School.

photo of girls on the run students at the 5k walk - Tangier Smith

Girls on the Run participants from Tangier Smith Elementary School.

This past fall season was another successful one for the Girls on the Run program as it continues to leave its mark on the William Floyd School District. The program, geared toward girls in grades three through eight, is a 10-week curriculum based on positive youth development and promotes empowerment by teaching life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running activities.


Throughout the season, teams meet after school twice a week for practice, with the girls completing running activities based upon each lesson’s theme. The experience of exercising together through dynamic lessons and discussions helps the girls build social and emotional skills and healthy habits for the rest of their lives. This past season culminated in a celebratory 5k run in early December held at Eisenhower Park in Westbury – even though the weather was poor, their spirits were high!

“Each season our girls learn important skills such as confidence building, creating friendships, healthy communication and social/emotional health,” said Brinna Sommer, coach, William Floyd Elementary School. “In our last lesson of the season titled ‘Girls on the Run Toolbox,’ our William Floyd Elementary girls shared what they learned and enjoyed most about being a part of Girls on the Run.”

photo of girls on the run students at the 5k walk - Moriches

Girls on the Run participants from Moriches Elementary School.

Some of the girls’ responses included: “I learned self-confidence!”; “I learned to keep going!”; “I learned to make people feel included!”; “I liked running the 5k!”; “It is so fun! You meet new people and friends!” and “I learned to use kind words and believe in yourself.”

Congratulations to all the participants on another successful season! Below are the school’s coaches and team participants!

William Floyd Elementary School
Coaches: Brinna Sommer and Alyssa Denis
Students: Addisyn Cummings, Madison DiGaudio, Mialee Maldonado, Sofia Minchala, Hailey Mitola, Reagan Reale, Daniella Rubino, Giana Rubino, Ella St. George, Symphony Toomey, Kelsey Torres-Rivas, Aria Trent and Zoe-Ariel Wiggins-Powell.


Tangier Smith Elementary School
Coaches: Michelle Maloney and Alison Montalto
Students: Lorena Alvarez, Adriana Cavarretta, Gabriella Chua, Mia Dhyne, Evelynn Howlett, Brianna Koss, Scarlet Kujan, Gianna LaMattina, Katrina Murphy, Deena Stevens, Sara Trevino, Taylor Wood, Cara Corcoran and Farah Odongo.

Girls on the Run participants from Hobart

Girls on the Run participants from John S. Hobart Elementary School.

Moriches Elementary School
Coaches: Ginine Duda and Leah Olivo
Students: Isabella Amador, Emma Barton, Savannah Marino, Hailey Nalepa, Leila Puzio, Liliana Ruhs, Milanya Ingarra, Kiara Galindo Jeronimo, Ava Earl, Bailey Meyer, Kiera Sears, Navoja Davis, Christina Guaman, Julianna Merrick and Ella Murtha.

John S. Hobart Elementary School
Coaches: Lauren Leary and Jessica Binkis
Students: Avary Albanese, Selena Amandola, Zoha Arif, Angelitza Diaz, Illaniya Garnier, Aria Hall, Nylah Hillard, Julianna Lugo, Ariella Morales, E’liyah Parker, Layla-Leigh Quilliam and Amanda Peraza.

Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School
Coaches: Kathleen Milano and Angela Boris
Students: Zayna Ahmed, Britney Chacon Sanchez, Jasmine Hodder, Aaliyah Soto, Savannah Alicea, Madison Nowakowski, Jessica Thibadeau and Sophia Thibadeau.Girls on the Run participants from Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School

Girls on the Run participants from Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School

Girls on the Run participants from Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School. Click photo to see additional photos!

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