Joseph Brand's (center) Carpentry students planned and built the wooden planter bench.

Pictured with the wooden planter bench are (l-r) Jacqueline Giacalone, lead teacher, Business & Technology Education; Joseph Brand, technology teacher; and John DeBenedetto, principal, Floyd Academy.

Students in Joseph Brand’s carpentry class in the Floyd Academy recently built a wooden planter bench for outside of the Floyd Academy. Students used their carpentry skills that they learned throughout the year to complete this bench which will also double as a plant holder.

William Floyd High School and the Floyd Academy offer a plethora of technology courses including Architectural Programs, Architectural Designs, Woodworking, CNC Communications Systems, Computer Aided Design, Computer Animation & Multimedia, Design & Drawing, D.I.Y. Home Improvements, D.I.Y. Fixer Upper, Electricity & Applied Electronics, Media Production Technology, Principles of Engineering, Robotics, and Transportation Systems.

Technology Education is the application of the latest scientific discoveries to improve the quality of people's daily lives. It introduces students to the latest technologies currently used in the technology industry. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop skills through an active hands-on approach in a project-based curriculum. Courses are designed to provide a variety of options for students to meet elective requirements, while also engaging them in a positive learning environment where they are encouraged and expected to achieve their highest potential.

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