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The New York State Universal Prekindergarten Program of William Floyd School District is still enrolling for the 2020-21 school year! This free preschool program is now offering in-person, hybrid and full remote options for pre-school aged students. Children must have turned four years old on or before, December 1, 2020 and live within the William Floyd School District to attend the UPK program. Families can only enroll through the last week of November.

UPK applications are available by clicking here. After completing the application, please email it to, fax it to 631-874-1637 or mail it to 111 Lexington Ave., Shirley, NY, 11967 with attention to: Danielle Durkin, UPK. If you have any questions, please call UPK Program coordinator Danielle Durkin at (631) 874-1668.

Read on below to see what UPK has to offer!

The Importance of a Preschool Experience

By Danielle Durkin, Universal Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator,
William Floyd School District

For many children entering a preschool classroom, this will be the first time away from family and friends. It is a time to explore, learn, and building the foundation necessary to have a positive academic experience in the future.

The importance of building cognitive, social, emotional, school readiness, and academic skills before kindergarten cannot be stressed enough. The opportunity to attend preschool sets up our students for success in later years.

The New York State Universal Prekindergarten Program at the William Floyd School District has been providing preschool for our students in their prekindergarten year for over 20 years. The program is free and this year we are providing many classroom options so that students and parents can feel comfortable signing up for UPK. 

Our schools are offering a fully-remote option where the children will engage with their teachers virtually every day. Some supplies will be sent home and activities are posted daily. Our hybrid option allows students to attend for a shorter day, or less days per week, with add-on take-home materials. Our full-day option is for 2½ hours per day, five day a week. 

Not having full enrollment by the end of November could have a negative impact on our seat numbers – the number of students we can serve – for subsequent school years. It is a great opportunity to begin building your child’s strong academic foundation. Please register your child as soon as possible and pass on the information to any family or friends who may be able to participate.

Eligible children must be four years old on, or before December 1, 2020 and must live within the William Floyd School District.

UPK applications can be found on the district website linked here. If you have any questions, please call 631-874-1668.

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