image of an Acer Chromebook

Please fill out this form ONLY if you are requesting a Chromebook for your child. Please note that filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee you will receive one, as we have a limited supply and there are still approximately 850 that have not been returned from last spring.

Additionally, if you still have a Chromebook from last year, it must be returned immediately so it can prepared for the 2020-21 school year. It will not be enabled for use and requires updating. Your family will not be entitled to any other technology if it is not returned by Friday, August 28. The district will NOT consider any application of families that have not returned a previously borrowed Chromebook.

The district has a limited number Chromebooks available for students at this time. However, we will be working with families to distribute all that we have in stock and any additional that come in (additional orders have been delayed due to supply and demand issues caused by COVID-19). Please fill out the form linked below to let us know your child's needs. We will do our best to accommodate requests (limit of one per family at this time). We will begin distributing during the first week of school beginning on September 8, 2020.

Please note there is no need to fill out this form multiple times. One form per family only, please. Thank you.

Parent Chromebook Request Form Waiting List: English and Spanish


  • CTE
  • Elementary
  • Fine Arts
  • Floyd Academy
  • Hobart Elementary
  • Main
  • Moriches Elementary
  • Paca Middle School
  • Secondary
  • STEM
  • Tangier Elementary
  • WF Elementary
  • WF High School
  • WF Learning Center
  • WF Middle School
  • Woodhull Elem