At the December 10, 2019, meeting, the William Floyd Board of Education adopted a sense resolution opposing amendments to Section 2164 of the public health law, which adds immunizations against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to the list of vaccinations required to attend public school. There are corresponding bills in both the Senate and Assembly mandating the vaccine (S00298/A02912) and others allowing minor children to receive the vaccination without parental consent (S3899A/A973A) and (S4244B/A6564C), which the Board has also expressed its opposition to. The Board of Education has taken this stance because HPV is non-communicable in a school setting.

Please note that a sense resolution is non-binding and the William Floyd Board of Education has no authority over the bills currently up for consideration in the New York State Legislature. The Board of Education, in the letter below, feels that the choice on whether to administer the HPV vaccination to children should be made by parents only, in consultation with their physician.

If you would like your voice heard on this issue as a resident and taxpayer of New York State, please reach out to your state representatives directly. When sharing your concerns, please remember to be courteous, professional and respectful (CPR), and share personal concerns and thoughts which are always more effective than form letters. For your convenience, we have included links to search for your State Senators and State Assembly Members by your address, as well as a link to the contact form for Governor Cuomo.

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A screenshot of the letter regarding the HPV Vaccine

Click above to view the BOE opposition to HPV vaccination mandates letter.


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