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Food Services

New for the 2019-20 School Year: Students in the William Floyd School District will enjoy free breakfast and lunch during the upcoming 2019-20 school year. The district’s food services program has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) for participation in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program, a non-pricing meal service option for schools and school districts in economically disadvantaged communities. Participating districts provide one free breakfast and one free lunch each day of the school year at no cost to all students enrolled regardless of family income level. CEP is federally subsidized by the USDA.

“The Community Eligibility Provision will provide our students with a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no charge, helping to ensure that our students are fed, focused and ready to go in the classroom,” said David Beggins, assistant superintendent for business, William Floyd School District.

The William Floyd School District is participating in this program due to residents exceeding the threshold of those who qualify for free meals without the use of household applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this really for all students regardless of income level?

Yes. William Floyd School District schools qualify due to the community exceeding the threshold of 60% districtwide free and reduced eligible applicants.  All students, regardless of income level, can receive one free breakfast and one free lunch each school day. Additional a la carte items can be purchased by the student/family.  No charges can be incurred for any meals under the CEP provision.

Do I need to fill out a free- and reduced-meal application?

No.  The free- and reduced-meal applications are replaced by the household income form (CLICK HERE) to determine additional state and federal programs that your child(ren) may qualify for.  These forms are vitally important to continue the districts eligibility under the CEP moving forward and everyone is strongly encouraged to complete them.

Can I buy additional meals/items?

Yes. The first breakfast meal and first lunch meal each school day are free for all students. Any additional items purchased a la carte, would need to be paid for by the student/family, no meals can be charged to student accounts.

How do I pay for additional meals/items?

Parents/guardians may prepay any amount, at any time, by sending a check or money order (made payable to the William Floyd School Lunch Fund) or cash with your child to be given to the cashier or by making payments online using My School Bucks (www.myschoolbucks.com). All students will still have the option of paying for additional meals/a la carte items with cash on a daily basis, but they will still be required to enter their student ID number. If you choose not to utilize the prepaid account option for additional meals or a la carte items, you must send money in with your child each day.

Which schools will be participating?

All schools within the William Floyd School District:
John S. Hobart Elementary School
Moriches Elementary School
Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School
Tangier Smith Elementary School
William Floyd Elementary School
William Floyd Learning Center
William Floyd Middle School
William Paca Middle School
William Floyd High School
Floyd Academy

Is CEP the same as the USDA Free Summer Food Program?

CEP is different and only open to students enrolled in the William Floyd School District during the school year. The USDA’s Free Summer Food program is free breakfast and lunch for children ages 18 and under in the local and surrounding communities served weekdays in the William Floyd High School cafeteria through August 23. Follow this link for details on that program.

Is it really free? Aren’t my tax dollars being used to fund this?

Federal tax dollars collected from United States citizens across the country (including our community) are used to fund the CEP program locally and elsewhere. CEP is available for districts within low-income areas and the William Floyd School District has applied and been selected to participate based on several factors including common wealth ratio. The program is offered by the USDA and the William Floyd School District has elected to participate to provide some direct relief to local residents.

Reminder: The Board of Education took action to defray the full costs of these fees charged by My School Bucks for families of the William Floyd School District. Families have the ability to pre-fund school meal accounts through MySchoolBucks (www.myschoolbucks.com) at no additional charge. Please note that accounts can still be pre-funded through cash, check or money order also at no additional cost.

*Please note that the district partners with this vendor to provide convenience for families in order to pre-fund meal accounts, track student purchases and more. The district does not manage and has not received any benefit from the program’s transaction/convenience fees.