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Counseling Center

All students are confronted with various choices and possibilities. The decisions they make today could significantly impact the future they are hoping and striving to create. The Counseling Program of the William Floyd School District is designed to assist students in forming appropriate individual academic and vocational plans. Our counseling program which emphasizes independent decision making and students are supported in making personal choices about their futures and in selecting those courses which will best assist them in attaining their goals.

Contact Information

High School Counselors
Ashley Siebert - A-BRH -(874-1445)
Arianna Scanlon  - BRI-COR -(874-1871)
Laura Joseph - COS-FRAR  -(874-1629)
Stephanie Nardone - FRAS-HUER  - (874-1842)
Lauren Bascelli  -HUES-LO - (874-1236)
Kerry Brewer  - LP-MORG - (874-1841)
Laura Nunziata  - MORH-PEN  -(874-1128)
Amanda Ericksen - PEO-ROSA -  (874-1685)
Danielle DeNunzio - ROSB-THIE  - (874-1129)
Dana Garner  -THIF-Z - (874-1131)
Nicholas Ceballo - WF Academy - (864-1199)

High School Social Workers
Kathleen Galfano 9th A-K (874-1711)
Michelle Kmiotek 9th L-Z (874-1709)
Kat Jumper 10-12 A-DUC(874-1688)
Jackie Searing 10-12 DUD-LOP (874-1952)
Rebecca Kristiansen 10-12 LOW-RIS (874-1218)
Darlene DeFeo  10-12 RITZ-Z (874-1640)

Floyd Academy Social Worker
Gayle Lambert (874-1600)

Homeless Liaison Social Worker
Emilie Larson (874-1889)

High School Psychologists
Victoria DeRosa (874-1220)
Dr. Melania Voutsinas (874-1506)
Jeanette DeRosa (874-1977)
Mike Hogan (874-1244)

District Wide Transition Coordinator
Wendie Der (874-1980)

Paca Middle School Counselors
Laurie O’Donoghue (874-1481)
Casey Grzinic (874-1632)
Caroline Reed (874-1456)

Paca Middle School Psychologists
Lisa Cameron (874-1879)
Edyta Kruszewski (874-1585)

Paca Middle Social Workers
Angela Teri (874-1453)
Alyssa Cabrera (874-1458)
Tasharnie Harris-Palache (874-1217)

WF Middle School Counselors
Taylor Buckley (874-5510)
Allison Ravener (874-5510)

WF Middle School Psychologist
Jeaninne DeVito (874-5512)

WF Middle School Social Workers
Paula Raniolo (874-5535)
Brittany Puccio (874-5567)
Laura Ricciardi (874-5568)

Hobart Elementary Psychologist
Joshua Zelin (874-1243)

Hobart Elementary Social Worker
Katrina Reilly (874-1230)

Hobart Elementary Counselor
Tori Badamo (874-1513)

WF Learning Center Psychologist
RoseMary Devine (874-1807)

WF Elementary Psychologist
Lorie Zelin (874-1255)

WF Elementary Social Worker
Jeanne Stern (874-1762)

WF Elementary Counselor
Nicole Valente (874-1787)

Woodhull Elementary Psychologist
Bob DeSantis (874-1630)

Woodhull Elem. Social Worker
Mary Kolesar (874-1940)

Woodhull Elementary Counselor
Donna Teller (874-1738)

Moriches Elem. Psychologist
Richard Kimmerling (874-1816)

Moriches Elem. Social Worker
Melissa Knoetgen (874-1834)

Moriches Elem. Counselor
Amanda Dubinsky (874-1819)

Tangier Smith Elem. Psychologist
Dawn Tirelli (874-1344)

Tangier Smith Elem. Social Worker
Jodi Lieberman (874-1705)

Tangier Smith Elem. Counselor
Toni Rose Massi (874-1454)


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