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Business Office and Budget Information

Welcome to the William Floyd School District’s Business Office and Budget Web page. The role of the Business Office includes many areas of District responsibilities which are in support of instructional and non-instructional services. These include arranging for the provision of student transportation and student food services, oversight of the facilities department (custodial, maintenance, and grounds staff and capital projects), as well as coordinating and assisting in the development of the District’s budget, which translates the District’s instructional goals and services into the means of funding same.

In this support the Business Office handles the purchasing of instructional and non-instructional materials, equipment, and services, mostly through the use of District bids or cooperative purchasing arrangements using New York State, the County, or the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).

Cooperative purchasing arrangements have also recently been extended, through newly enacted laws, to include bids advertised and awarded by other States and their public schools and other governmental agencies. The main objective of District purchasing is to obtain materials and services needed by the District and its programs in the most cost effective manner possible.

Also provided are the payroll services for all District staff, as well as accounting services used for managing the District’s budget and its purchasing and payment activities; accounts payable and receivable. Most all of the Business Office’s activities are overseen by internal and external independent auditing services to be certain that all required rules, regulations, laws, and Board Policies are being adhered to.

This area of the District’s website will include timely notices and reminders related to such matters as applying for transportation to private or parochial schools, the budget development timetable including budget meetings of the Board of Education, specific bid information to prospective bidders, the latest audit report of the District’s finances, and the status of capital (bond referendum) projects

Click here to download the William Floyd Reserve Plan (Updated October 2019) 


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The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is committed to making data available and easy to use by providing online report cards.

The links below provide educational data for the William Floyd School District and all available buildings.

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William Floyd Middle School Report Card
John S. Hobart Elementary School Report Card
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Tangier Smith Elementary School Report Card
William Floyd Elementary School Report Card
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