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English as a second language (ESL) is an individualized course designed to meet the needs of the students in school who are limited in their English proficiency. The course progresses from beginning to intermediate to advanced levels. Students enrolled in (ESL) courses must take the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) each year until proficiency is achieved. The students are introduced to many aspects of their new environment, while at the same time, encouraged to maintain pride in their native culture.
A variety of notifications and websites are posted on the left side of this page to assist parents, teachers and students in navigating the educational realm of ESL.
ESL Coordinator
Malasia Walker
(631) 874-1133
Director of Special Education
and ESL supervisor
Family & Adult Literacy Programs
Beth Donovan, Literacy Director
Community Library

William Floyd High School
Jennifer Hargrave
James Lollo
Coleen Spring

Paca Middle School
James Lollo

William Floyd Middle School
Antoinette Wolff

Hobart Elementary School
Alyssa Dreyzin

Tangier Smith Elementary School
Liliana Bojack

Woodhull Elementary School
Angela Boris

William Floyd Elementary School
Elizabeth Costa
Terry Luberto 

Moriches Elementary School
Renée Dubroff
Kim Livreri